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Our Passion

Our Passion

iLearnDrones® brings the latest in drone education from the world’s best civil drone engineers to your classroom.

Brought to you by the The Institute For Drone Technology™, Our educators include some of the world’s best drone pilots and engineers including the team building the fastest and most technically advanced civil drones in the world. Students learn from three main areas: Safety of Flight, the Basic Principles and Mechanics of Flight, and how to pilot drones. We provide engaging and stimulating education with real world experiences.

Everything we do is underpinned by a commitment to safety and education. We know that today’s young people are the future of drone technology, and we bring the best of that technology and practice to your classroom.

We have been working with Secondary School teachers and other leading drone educators to develop engaging content to encourage students into STEM areas. We believe that seeing and understanding the exciting real world applications of STEM subjects in the latest technology provides students with motivation to continue their studies in these areas. Ultimately, this will help build a more STEM-literate Australia.