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Drones in the world of today and tomorrow

Drones in the world of today and tomorrow

This is our ‘basic’ introduction to drone technology.

Our presenter will show students how the various parts of a drone contribute to flight, ie. The fuselage, drive train, esc and battery.

Students will then be taught about drone safety and safe piloting. Depending on the physical environment available at your school students can experience FPV (First Person View) flight from a drone, though our presenter will maintain control of the drone at all times. Students may also be able to pilot nano-drones themselves if the physical environment permits.

We will also show and discuss with students the uses for drones in industry today and students will imagine where they might be used in the future. This program is about providing an experience for students of the combination of technology and imagination. All ages welcome.

Depending on the physical environment students may also participate in drone racing mini-drones, an experience that certainly gets everyone excited!


Either one or two sessions (ie. Class periods)